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Steve Marcus

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2009            “Mad Bastards”                      Prod.Mgr: Fiona Lanyon
                   Broome and Wyndham
2009            “Roadtrain”                             Prod.Mgr: Sally Clarke           Flinders Ranges                    Prod.: Michael Robinson
2008            “Jacob”                                    Prod.Mgr: Fiona Lanyon          Leigh Creek                          Prod.: Darren Dale
2008            “The Boys are Back”              Prod.Sup: Paul Ranford
                      Adelaide                                 Prod.: Tim White
2008            “The Last Ride”                      Prod.Mgr: Louisa Kors
                   Flinders Ranges                       Prod.: Antonia Barnard
2008            “Beautiful Kate”                        Prod.Mgr: Jane Sullivan
                   Flinders Ranges                        Prod.:Bryan Brown/Leah
2008            “McLeods Daughters”              Prod.Mgr: Julie Byrne
2007            “To Hell and Back”                   Prod.Mgr:Yvonne Collins
                   Perth & Kalgoolie
2007            “McLeods Daughters”              Prod.Mgr: Julie Byrne
2007            Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive
                   William Creek to Maree
2007            “McLeods Daughters”              Prod.Mgr: Julie Byrne
2007            “Lucky Miles”                          Prod.Mgr: Barbara Gibbs
                   Leigh Creek
2006            “Supanova”                              Prod.Mgr: Di Hadden
                   Broken Hill
2006            “The Tumbler”                         Prod.Mgr: S.Austin
                   Broken Hill
2005            “Supanova”                              Prod.Mgr: Di Hadden
                   Broken Hill                              
2005            “December Boys”                     Prod.Mgr: Barbara Gibbs
                   Adelaide/Kangaroo Island
2005            Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive
                   Birdsville to Maree
2004            “The Alice”                             
                   Alice Springs                            Prod.Mgr: L. Kors
2004            “Stealth”                                  
                   Leigh Creek                              Prod.Mgr: T.Bishop
2004           “Through my eyes”                  
                   Uluru                                        Prod.Mgr: B.Gibbs                            
2004            “McLeods Daughters”             
                   Adelaide                                   Prod.Mgr: Julie Byrne
2003            “Peaches”                               
                   Adelaide                                   Pr.Mgr: Jane Sullivan
2003            “Thunderstruck”                      
                   Adelaide                                   Pr.Mgr: B.Gibbs
2003            “McLeods Daughters”             
                   Adelaide                                   Prod.Mgr: Sharon Kerrigan
2002            “McLeods Daughters”             
                   Adelaide                                   Pr.Mgr:A.Molyneaux
2002            “Wally Norman”                      
                   Adelaide                                   Pr.Mgr: B.Gibbs
2002            SPECIAL EVENT
                   Year of the Outback Cattle Drive,
                   South Australian Tourist Commission
                   Birdsville to Maree x 6 weeks
2001            “Disappearance”                               
                   Leigh Creek & Adelaide            Prod.Mgr: Barbara Gibbs
2001            “Down & Under”                     Jerry Bruckheimer Films
                   Alice Springs & Coober Pedy   Prod.Mgr: Greg Ricketson
2001            “Deadly, Unna?”                      
                   Adelaide                                   Prod.Mgr: Barbara Gibbs
2001            “Black & White”                     
                   Adelaide                                   Prod.Mgr:Cathy Flannery
2000            “Rabbit Proof Fence”               Jabal Films
1999            “Mission Impossible II”            Paramount Pictures
1999            “Red Planet”                            Mars Productions
1999            “Serenades”                             West Street Productions 
1998            “Thunderstone”                        Johnathon Shiff P/l
1998            “The Missing”                          Upside down films
1998            “Pitch Black”                            Intrepid Pictures
1998            “In a Savage Land”                   Bill Bennett Productions
1998            “Siam Sunset”                          Artist Services
1997            “Ocean Girl”                            Johnathon Shiff P/l
1997            “The Ripper”                            Calamari Productions
1997            “Ocean Girl”                            Johnathon Shiff P/l
1997            “Inferno”                                  Barron Films
1996            “Heat”                                      Barron Films
1996            “A Nice Guy”                           Golden Harvest Prods
1996            “Ship to Shore”                        Barron Films
1996            “Kiss or Kill”                            Bill Bennett Productions
1995            “Shine”                                    Momentum Films
1995            “The Story of the CIA”             Golden Harvest Prods
1995            “Dead Heart”                            Dead Heart Productions