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Storm Ashwood

Equipment List

  • Camera
  • PDX10P - Sony mini DVcam
  • 3 conversion lenses, various filters
  • 4 batteries, raincoat. Chargers. Vehicles
  • Hino lighting truck with 120KVA Silenced Generator.
  • Toyota Hilux twin cab ute with roof high 6'x 4’ camera platform.
  • Barton (wally) Dolly
  • Plastic track from 1.6mtr, 3.2mtr, 4.8mtr
  • Ally pipe track 3.6mtr
  • Set of apple boxes / 10 shot bags Lights – Daylight - HMI
  • 1 x 12kw Arri Fresnal
  • 1 x 4kw Arri Par - Flickerfree
  • 2 x 1.2kw Arri sun Par
  • 2 x 2.5kw Sirio2 Fresnal
  • Lights - Fluro (Tungsten / daylight)
  • 1 x 2bank 4’ with Keno tubes - dimmable
  • 1 x 4bank 4; with Keno tubes - dimmable
  • 1 x 2’ and 4’ single ballast Keno - dimmable
  • 1 x 4bank 2’ with Keno tubes - dimmable
  • 2x single 12w daylight =100w*
  • 1x single 24w daylight= 200w*
  • *2ft and 1ft china lanterns to fit
  • Converter
  • 1 x 300w 12to 240volt true sine wave converter Lights - Tungsten
  • 1 x 12K T12Arri
  • 2 x 5kw Fresnal
  • 4 x 2.4kw Mini Brutes
  • 2 x 2kw Frensal
  • 2 x 1kw Fresnals
  • 2 x 650x Fresnals
  • 2 x 500w Fresnals
  • 3 x 300w Fresnals and 2 x 150w Inkys
  • 4 x 2000w Blondis
  • 3 x 850w Redheads
  • 1 x 1000w Ashtray light
  • 1 x 1000w Lowell
  • Frames and Fabrics
  • 3 x 12’ x 12’ frame (two with outriggers)
  • 2 x 12’ sails
  • 2 x 12’ silks
  • 2 x 12’ Griflons
  • 1 x 11’ silver tarp
  • 2 x 6’ x 6’ Frame
  • 1 x 6’ x 6’ silk cloth
  • 1 x 6’ med white
  • 3 x 4’ x 4’ alli Frames
  • 3 x 4’ x 4’ wood Frames
  • 2 x 6’ x 4’ wood frames
  • 2 x 15’ x 15’ green screen fabrics
  • Reflectors and cutters
  • 2 x 4’ x 4’ hard board Reflectors
  • 2 x 4’ x 4’ Polly/soft silver
  • 2 x 4’ x 4’ Floppy
  • assorted smaller cutters and bounce boards
  • Blacks
  • 1 x 12’ x 12’ black
  • 1 x 7’ x 25’
  • 1 x 7’ x 10’
  • 1 x 7’ x 6’
  • Large assortment of black-out Blacks approx500sqms
  • tubs of assorted smaller Blacks
  • Gels
  • Assorted rolls of Diff, colour correct and ND.
  • Loose box of gells
  • Rigging
  • Onset Box with usual accessories
  • 3 x Magic Arms
  • 4 Holywood clamps
  • Assorted clamps, Big bens etc.
  • bits of rigging, wedges, 246s, etc.
  • staple gun, battery drill.
  • Stands
  • 1 x heavy duty double crankie to 15ft
  • 2 x 1’¼ black triple risers
  • 2 x 1’ ¼ double rise steelies
  • 1 x 1’ ¼ single windup
  • 9 x 5/8" Stands
  • 2 x Roo stands
  • 7 x C-stands (3 with turtle stands).
  • 1 x Turtle
  • 1 x large polecat and 1 x small polecat
  • Distribution
  • assorted extension cables and power boards
  • 120mtrs of 50amp 3phase cable
  • 30mtrs of 32amp 3phase cable
  • 1 large dissy board
  • 1 small dissy board

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PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE:   Key Crew Roles / Major Contributions / supplied equipment

We are a highly professional Lighting Team. Our equipment is fully mobile and capable of operating on and off road in any terrain. We are highly experienced in filming in extreme areas, from arid desserts to wet areas including under water.



Gaffer                    Funded Short                        HDCAM                Elephantitis
Gaffer                    international TVC               35mm/phantom Aqua Minerale
Gaffer/Grip           Music video                          HDCAM                Terra Firma
Gaffer/Grip           Educational                          HDV                       Nungas Together
Best Boy               Funded Short                        35mm                    Aunty Maggie and Womba Gagun
Best Boy               Funded Short                        RED                       The Kiss
Camera OP           TV Show                               Didgi Beta             Master Chef
Best Boy               Feature Film         35mm                                    The Boys are Back
Gaffer                    Short series            HDCAM                                Necessary Games
Gaffer                    Funded Short        HDCAM                                Kind of Man
Best Boy               Feature Film        35mm                                    The Last Ride
Best Boy               Feature Film          RED                                     Broken Hill the movie
Dir/DOP/Prod       Music video           3.5min XD/HDCAM (ex1)              ‘stand up’ Mere Theory
DOP                        final ep.                  15min Didgi Beta                 Feeling Good. Channel9
Live camera Op   .Clipsal                    45min Didgi Beta                     Clipsal 500 welcome party
Gaffer                    Funded Short film 6min     XD HDCAM                  The Garden
Best Boy                               Feature Film         HDCAM                Hobby Farm
3rdElex/Geni                        Feature Film         HDCAM                Closed for Winter
Gaffer                                    Feature Film         HD Varicam         Resident Magician
DOP                                        trailer and ep1      45min/15min       Feeling Good. Channel 9
DOP/Dir                 Music video          3min                                  The Next Bob Dylan
DOP/Live action Dir.           Educational          10min    HDV          Snyder (Monkeystack)
DOP/SFX                               Web site                                       Straight Sell
Live Camera Op.                 Foxtel                     20hour                international Rugby Sevens campaign
DOP/multi Cam                   live music DVD    1hour                     Angela Tazman concert
Sound/2nd camera/consultant                           46min    DVcam a circus in Cambodia
Gaffer                                    short Feature             25min  HDCAM            Spike UP              
Best Boy                               Feature Film              35mm                          Love Story 2050                
2nd unit camera/Dir             supernatural drama 15min   HDV                         The Wish
Lighting Director                  short film                    6min     HDV                   The missing shoe               
Lighting Director                  short film                    5min     HDV                   La Musica
DOP/Sound                           Doco                          30min    HDV               Blown Glass
Gaffer                    Feature Film         XDCAM                2:37
Gaffer                    Cinema/TVC        35mm                    Endangered Species    
Gaffer                    Doco                      30min    HDV       My Voice
2005 cont.
2nd unit camera/Dir.             3min cinema add and 6min case study HDV                                                Breath easy
Gaffer                                    Music Clip             HDCAM                       ‘Promise Me’ Hot Lies
2nd unit Gaffer/grips            TV series                1hr eps   super16mm         McLeod’s Daughters        
Best boy                            reality TV show    1hr ep     Didgi beta multicam           X-Factor channel 10
Gaffer                                    Doco                      30min    HDV                                       Young Mums
Gaffer                                    Education             15min    16mm                Heroin use
Gaffer                    short feature        25min    35mm                             AZARDI
Gaffer/Grip           Feature film          super 16mm                                Modern Love
Best Boy/Grip      TV series                1hr ep     Digi Beta                       Forensic Investigator channel 7
Bestboy                Feature                                 super 16mm                         Deck Dogz
Genie Op/Elex      Eddie Wong Films - Feature      35mm                  Thunder Struck
Electrics                 Feature                                35mm                     Peaches
TVC and Corpoates over last 3 years
DOP, Gaffer and Best boy.
Best boy                   TVC                          HDCAM                                Bank SA – Spirit
Best boy                   TVC                           HDCAM                                water save - Spirit
Gaffer/Grip                TVC                            Digital Beta                           Diabetes – Logic
Gaffer                       TVC (large budget international)      35mm/phanton                   Aqua - FHQ
Gaffer/Grip                TVC                              HDCAM                                Tall Trees - Logic
Best Boy                 TVC                               HDCAM                                Kojo
DOP                                        Glenelg pier TVC 30sec      XD/HDCAM (ex1)              Glenelg Pier Promotions
DOP/Dir                 promo DVD                 1hour     HDV                                       Bamboozled Tour
DOP/Dir                 Promo DVD                          45min                                         Tamour Promo
DOP/Live action Dir.            Promo DVDs           15min    HDV                            Snyder - Monkeystack
DOP/Live action Dir.          Promo DVDs             15min    HDV                           Clipsal - Monkeystack
Gaffer / Grip                         Corporate               1hr          Digi Beta               SAAB - Logic
Camera OP                           Promo                  30min    HDV                      Second to None
Gaffer                                   Cinema/TVC          35mm                                Endangered Species         
Gaffer / Grip                         TVC                    Didgi Beta                             Harris Scarfes - Piper
2nd unit camera/Dir.             3min cinema add and 6min case study HDV            Breath easy
Best boy                              TVC                      35mm                                    Honda – Ozpan
Best Boy                               TVC                      HDCAM                                Radio Rentals
Best Boy                               TVC                      HDCAM                                Mitre 10 - Kojo
Best boy                               TVC                     super 16mm                         Dairyfarmers
Best boy                               TVC                    super 16mm                         Susuki – Ozpan
Best boy                               TVC                    35mm                                   Kingfisher water - Temple
Best boy                               TVC                   HDCAM                                Immigration SA x2
Gaffer                                    TVC                  HDCAM                                Sustainability
Best Boy                               TVC                  35mm                                    Asahi Beer

saf/files/Storm ashwood CV-gaffer grip09(3).pdf