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Browse South Australia's Professional Film Technicians and Crew below. All crew listed have the opportunity to feature a short bio and headshot with CV, Equipment List and Showreel icons for detailed specific information.

Take advantage of our online booking request where you can highlight your first and second choice for crew, emailing it directly to a consultant at SA Freelancers to check crew availability, or call one of our consultants directly.

, Mark Knight
, Morgan Davies Makeup/Hair
, Nick Tsamandanis
, Chris Bowman Production Assistant, Runner
, Dominic Legg Camera Operator, Editor
, James Currie
, Marie-Lyne Morant
, RICARP Costume Manufacture
, Vital Image Equipment Hire/Communications
Addington, Mel
Ashwood, Storm Best Boys, Camera Assistant, Camera Operator, Camera Operator/Focus, Gaffer, Grip
Basket, Scott Director, DOP, Editor, Producer
Beecroft, Rick 1st AD, Production Manager
Blackwell, Mark Sound Recordist
Bodell, Johan Camera Operator, Director
Bowes ACO, Anthony Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator
Byrne, Francis
Campbell, Neil Camera Operator
Carpenter, Tony Choreographer
Dennis, Sean Art Dept. Co-ordinator, Art Director, Production Designer, Set Decorator
Dobbin, Deirdre Hairdresser, Makeup/Hair
Doudle, Bryce Sound Recordist
Freeman, Beverley Costume Design, Hairdresser, Makeup/Hair, Makeup/Prosthetic, Production Designer, Wardrobe
Hank, David Costume Design, Stylists, Wardrobe
Harslett, Malcolm
Hirsinger, Dane Sound Recordist
Itsines, Peter Detailer, Rig Builder
Karas, Robertto Gaffer, Grip
Kenyon, Leigh Sound Designer, Sound Recordist
Lloyd, Kate Animal Trainers
Mackenzie, Paul (Pablo) Props/Scenery, Set Construction
Mearns, David Runner
Morris, Vickie Hairdresser, Makeup/Hair, Makeup/Prosthetic
Mosey, Alastair Makeup/Hair
Pearson, Kelly Makeup/Hair
Quigley, Martine Choreographer, Stylists
Rieckmann, Chris Camera Operator, Production Company, Videographer
Schmidt, Jackie Autocue
Seiler, Anita Costume Design, Wardrobe
Small, Cathie Safety Officer
Spark, Katrina Body Art
Stimson, Vicky Art Dept. Assistant, Art Dept. Co-ordinator, Production Assistant, Wardrobe
Tatarko, Yuda Best Boys, Grip
Wallace, Heather Costume Design, Standby Props, Wardrobe
Wellington, Mike Precision Driver
Whitston, Scott Location Manager, Locations Search, Production Assistant, Runner
Williams, Jennie Nurse
Worth, Harry Videographer
Wright, Emma 2nd AD, 3rd AD, Production Assistant