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Rick Beecroft

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Nationality: Australian & Canadian (2 passports)
Mar - July 2009                       'Tiger Team' - Feature Film                                         1st AD
                                                NDF - Germany, Sony Asia Pictures - Hong Kong
                                                6-6-8 Singapore
Jan - Feb 2009                         'Jungle Child' casting pre-production             Aust Co-ordinator
                                                UFA - Germany
Dec 2008                                 'Exotic Delicacies'                                                       Fixer
                                                Filmat36 - Singapore
Nov 2008                                'Jungle Child' - recci in Malaysia                                1st AD
                                                UFA - Germany
Oct 2008                                 Crimes That Shook the World II’                               Local
Documentary/drama - production                              Prod Mgr/
IWC Media/Discovery Channel UK                          1st AD
Sept 2008                                Camping & Caravan Association of SA                     Prod Mgr
                                                3 x TVC’s                                                                   1st AD
                                                Creative Forrest Productions
                                                ‘Crimes That Shook the World II’                              Local
Documentary/drama - pre production                        Prod Mgr
IWC Media/Discovery Channel UK
August                                                ‘A Kind of Man’ – Short film                                                1st AD
                                                Kind of Man Productions
July 2008                                 Business trip to Thailand
June 2008                                ‘Yalumba Digital Vineyard’ TVC                              1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, Yalumba Wines, KWP Adv.
Apr – June 2008                      ‘Broken Hill’ The Movie – feature film                      1st AD
                                                Accomplice Productions, California, USA
                                                South Australian Film Corp, Adelaide, Australia
Feb – Mar 2008                       ‘Wherever You Are’   Italian Tele-Feature film         1st AD
                                                FilmMaster Group, Rome Italy
                                                Six-Six-Eight Pty Ltd, Singapore
Jan. 2008                                 ‘Victory’ Feature film                                                 1st AD
                                                Victory Films India Pty Ltd
                                                Films & Casting Temple Pty Ltd - Sydney
Dec. 2007                                ‘Mirror’ TVC South Australian Cancer Society         1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, Adelaide
Nov. – Dec 2007                     ‘The Christmas Party for Special Children’                Producer
                                                Community service announcements – Adelaide, Melbourne
                                                Pre-event TV Campaign
‘Rain’ TVC                                                                 1st AD
                                                Films & Casting Temple – Sydney
Ravi Udywar Films (India)
Sept. – Oct. 2007                    ‘Love in Lion City’ tele-movie (Pre-production)        1st AD
                                                Smeaton Entertainment, Germany
                                                MegaMedia Singapore, Aquafire Productions Singapore
July – August 2007                India
May – June 2007                     Breakdown & preliminary scheduling for 2 proposed
April 2007                               ‘Apprentice’, ‘Fill the Spot’ Maxima TVCs               1st AD
                                                Nylon Films    Adelaide, Australia                            
March 2007                             ‘Dairy Farmers’ TVC                                                  1st AD
                                                9mm Commercials Ltd                      
Jan - Feb 2007                         ‘Heyy Babyy’ – feature film                                       1st AD
                                                Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pty Ltd - India
                                                Films & Casting Temple Pty Ltd – Sydney Australia
December 2006                       Honda Accord ‘Ants’ TVC                                        1st AD
                                                Anifex Pty Ltd – Adelaide, Australia
Mitsubishi Outlander ‘Back Drop’ TVC
                                                Mitsubishi Outlander ‘Folding Seats’ TVC                1st AD
                                                Nylon Films Pty Ltd – Clemenger BBDO Sydney
                                                The Christmas Party for Special Children                  Producer
                                                Community service announcements – Adelaide, Melbourne
                                                After event TV Campaign
Oct. – Nov. 2006                    ‘Ten Empty’ – feature film                                         1st AD
                                                Yeah Right Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia
The Christmas Party for Special Children                  Producer
                                                Community service announcements – Adelaide, Melbourne
                                                Pre-event TV Campaign
September 2006                      ‘Love Story 2050’ – feature film                                1st AD
                                                Baweja Movies Pvt Ltd - India
                                                Film & Casting Temple Sydney, Australia                   (stunt days)
August 2006                           ‘Forbidden Lies’ – drama documentary                     1st AD
                                                Liberty Productions Pty Ltd - Sydney
April – August 2006               ‘Lucky Miles’ – feature film                                       1st AD
                                                Short of Easy Pty Ltd – Adelaide, Australia
April 2006                               Australian Idol - Adelaide                             
                                                Grundy Television Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia
March 2006                             Clipsal 500 – car race event
                                                Tracks – Oasis Pty Ltd Adelaide, Australia
February 2006                         ‘Win Win’ Mitsubishi 380 TVC                                 1st AD
                                                Nylon Films Pty Ltd   Adelaide, Australia
January 2006                           ‘December Boys’ – feature film                     1st AD 2nd Unit
                                                Becker Films Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia
‘Why Me’ short film                                                   1st AD
                                                Light Image Pty Ltd Adelaide, Australia
                                                Great Southern Rail ‘The Ghan, Indian Pacific’ TVC   1st AD
                                                Nylon Films Adelaide, Australia
December 2005                       ‘December Boys’ – feature film                     1st AD 2nd Unit
                                                Becker Films Sydney, Australia
The Christmas Party for Special Children –  Producer
3 x community service announcements – Adelaide, Melbourne, Albury – After event TV Campaign Adelaide, Australia
November 2005                      Stories of Us ‘Bullying’ short film                             1st AD
                                                Readymade Productions Adelaide, Australia
October 2005                          ‘Tutu’ & ‘Brazilian’ TVCs Coopers Brewery            1st AD
                                                Nylon Films Adelaide, Australia
                                                The Christmas Party for Special Children
Pre-event TV campaign                                              Producer
                                                3 x community service announcements - Adelaide
Preliminary schedule for Maharaja (FF)
                                                Films & Casting Temple Pty Ltd        Sydney, Australia
Sept 2005                                Stories of Us ‘Belonging’ short film                           1st AD
                                                Readymade Productions Adelaide, Australia
August 2005                           The Advertiser ‘Lipstick, Tai Chi, Morning Ritual TVC’s
                                                Nylon Films, KWP Adv. Adelaide, Australia           1st AD
King Gee ‘Work Cool, NanoTex, WornG’s’ TVC’s    1stAD
                                                Nylon Films, Brown Melhuish Fishlock Adv.
The Advertiser ‘Crazy Sale’ TVC                              1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, KWP Adv.
May – July 2005                     “The Caterpillar Wish” feature film                            1st AD
                                                Wish Productions: Prod: K. Whitbread, Dir: S. Sciberras     
                                                E.P.: Zelda Rosenbaum
April 2005                               Adelaide City Council ‘Live, Work, Study’ TVC’s
                                                Nylon Films, KWP Adv.                                            1st AD
Mar. 2005                                ‘Local Footy’ SANFL TVC                                       1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, KWP Adv.
Feb. 2005                                Dept. of Trade & Economic Development
‘Migration2 – Lifestyle & Business TVC’s                1st AD
Nylon Films, Jam Adv.
Jan. 2005                                 Preliminary breakdown for “Roadman”
                                                Feature film
Nov. – Dec. 2004                    Christmas Party for Special Children - TV Campaign
                                                13 x Community Services Annoucements                  Producer
Adelaide, Melbourne, Albury                        
                                                Special Children’s Christmas Party - TV Campaign
                                                7 x Community Services Announcements                  Producer
Sydney, Wollongong                                     
Nov. 2004                               Sapporo Black Label Beer “This is the Farm” TVC’s
                                                Japco Prods. - Hakuhodo Advertising                       1st AD
Nov. 2004                               Adelaide City Council ‘You are here’ TVC’s
                                                Nylon Films, KWP Advertising                                 1st AD
Oct. 2004                                “Stories of Us” – educational short film
                                                Readymade Productions                                             1st AD
Sept. 2004                               RAA ‘George’s Car’ TVC                                          1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, KWP Advertising
August            2004                           Bank SA ‘Pony’ TVC                                                 1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, Clemenger BBDO Adv.
Stagg Chilli ‘Supermarket’ TVC                                1st AD
                                                Anifex Pty Ltd
April/June 2004                       ‘Wolf Creek’ Feature Film                                          1st AD
                                                The True Crime Channel   Dir: Greg McLean
April 2004                               Rosella Tomato Sauce ‘Upside Down Bottle’ TVC   1st AD
                                                Anifex Pty Ltd
Feb/March 2004                      SA Tourism ‘Rediscover’ TVC’s x 6                          1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, KWP Adv.
February 2004                         Sentinel Spectrum ‘Karate Kelpie’ TVC                    1st AD
                                                Anifex, Pty Ltd
January 2004                           Guardian Funerals ‘Car & Gramaphone TVC           1st AD
                                                Nylon Films Pty Ltd
December 2003                       ‘County SA – Anti-speeding’ TVC                           1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, Transport SA,
Nov./Dec. 2003                       Christmas Party for Special Children                         Producer
                                                19 x semi-national Community Service Announcements
                                                Emporium Productions
October 2003                          ‘Baubo’ AFC Initiative Short Film                             1st AD
                                                Once & Future Films
September 2003                      ‘Split Second’ Road Safety Education video            Prod Mgr/1st AD
                                                Readymade Productions, Transport SA
                                                Adelaide Central Mission ‘Goodwill’ TVC’s x3         1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, KWP Adv.
August 2003                           Fantastic Noodles TVC                                              1st AD
                                                Nylon Film, Clemenger BBDO Adv.
May     2003                            Delivery of ‘Tish’        drama film                 Supervising Producer
                                                Spinning Mirror Productions
April 2003                              Final Music mix and sound edit for ‘Tish’   Supervising Producer
                                                Spinning Mirror Productions
March 2003                            Picture Edit ‘Tish’                                       Supervising Producer
                                                Spinning Mirror Productions
February 2003                         Freedom Furniture ‘Hibernation’ TVC           1st AD
                                                Nylon Films, Belgiovane Williams Mackay Adv.
January 2003                           Kingfisher ‘Mineral Water’ TVC                    1st AD
                                                Cutting Edge Pictures – India
December 2002                       Mitsubishi ‘Outlander’ TVC                           1st AD