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Malcolm Harslett


Malcolm Harslett is an accomplished Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Song writer, Designer, Painter and Ice Skater and has a wealth of experience in both live Theatre and Television (mostly with NWS 9 Adelaide).

He had been, and continues to be, the instigator of many productions for the past 40 years in South Australia and has toured extensively.
This document being an overview doesn’t contain the many details of the hundreds of performances Malcolm has given as a compare, for which he is also known.
Malcolm has also continued as Managing Director of Mighty Good Entertainment since 1978 to the present, which includes ‘the Mighty Good Talent School’ and also continues the role of ‘Director of Acting’


2009       Further development of OOTS Network

2008       Gumtree Fairies – Writer Producer. Working with Local companies as advisor/mentor for OOTS
                Christmas Performances in Singapore on stage.
                Creative Programme Director Out of the Square ( network of suburban Theatres)
                Co-writer of Film Script ‘Fazz and Jett’
                2 Christmas Shows in Singapore 1 Stage and 1 on Ice.
                Little Red and Three Bopping Pigs – played the roles of Mrs. Talkalot and Grandma
                Christmas Performances in Singapore on Ice.
2006       Sleeping Beauty on Ice – reproduced original production ( on Ice). Played the role of Cyril Mrs      Talkalot’s Treasure Island – played the role of Mrs. Talkalot.
                Christmas Performances in Singapore.
2005.      Appeared in Christmas DVD for Banksia Productions playing Santa with Humphrey B Bear.
                (Last appearance of 33 year association with the character)
                Reproduced original production of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ for Theatre.
Continued production of TV programme ‘Mighty Good Kid’s’.
                Singapore Ice Shows ( 4 Venues)
2004.      Began production of ‘Mighty Good Kid’s’. Studio Directed ‘Get Up Tucked’ an adult TV variety        show for C31. The Show won several awards for community TV.
2003.      Wrote and Directed ‘Teen Dream’ the teenage musical for theatre.
Toured show ‘Cinderella’s Birthday’ to Darwin.
Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in new show ‘Wizards Apprentice’.
Toured to Singapore to play lead role in ‘Scrooges Christmas’ for the Esplanade Theatres.
2002       Toured ‘Cinderella’ to Darwin and Barossa Valley. Began shooting kids TV show (not completed)
2001       Concentrated on Developing Mighty Good Productions.
2000.      Renamed ‘Theatre ’62’ to ‘Star Theatres, One and Two.’
                Wrote /Directed/Designed/Starred in Theatre Restaurant Production ‘Up yer Brontosaurus Rex!
Return season of ‘Cinderella’, ‘Little Red and the Three Bopping Pigs’, ‘Cinderellas Birthday’. Wrote /Directed/Designed/Starred in new show ‘Mouse House’.
1999.      Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Mrs Talkalot Down-under’, return season of ‘Aladdin’.
                Bought out Business Partner in Theatre ’62 to be sole owner of Lease.
                Produced two return seasons of ‘Up yer Toga’.
1998.      Touring ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in ‘Goldilocks’ and a return season of ‘Sleeping Beauty’.
Co-Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in, the Theatre Restaurant Production of ‘Up yer Toga’
1997.      Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Cinderellas Birthday’ return season of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Produced two return seasons of ‘Diamond Lill’s Golden Nugget Saloon’.
1996.      Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in ‘Cinderella’, ‘Aladdin and the Genie’, and ‘Little Red and the Three Bopping Pigs’.
                Co-Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in, ‘Diamond Lill’s Golden Nugget Saloon’.
1995.      Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in Sleeping Beauty, Which Witch is witch? And Aladdin. Second season of ‘Olde Kings’
1994.      Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’. Directed/Designed and Co- Wrote Theatre Restaurant Production of “The Olde Kings Returns”.
Bought outright ‘The Johnny Young Talent School’ in South Australia.
1993.      Bought into Theatre ‘62
1992.      Wrote/Directed /designed/Starred in ‘Humphrey saves the forest’ at Arts Theatre. Bought out Business partner and became sole owner of Mighty Good Productions.
1987-91.         Continued as managing Director of Mighty Good Productions. 
Produced/Directed and wrote for Shopping centre shows, trade shows, corporate productions. Performed mostly as compare for some of these functions. Began an on going relationship with the Adelaide City Council to produce Seniors Concerts at the Adelaide Town Hall.(still continuing into 2006)
1986.      Co-Wrote /Directed/Designed/Starred in Theatre Restaurant Production of ‘Rock ‘n Roll Reunion’ for 12 months, and continued with company business.
1985.      Toured as Ice skating Compare for ‘The great Moscow Circus on Ice’ and the ‘Torville and Dean World Tour’ of Australia and New Zealand. Continued with own production on return, also as fashion compare and show producer. Continued with ‘guest spots on most local Television programmes.
1984.      Toured with ‘Ice Show’ for first 3 months. Returned continued with own Production Company for corporate and shopping centre productions. Became local representative of ‘Disney Australia, Warner bros, Hanna Barbera and Mattel’ for production of show material, casting and local Direction.
1983.      Conceived and Directed and starred with Humphrey in ‘Summer Holidays on Ice’ for the Ice Arena in Adelaide. Left Channel (and all TV programmes) and Bull ‘n Bush Theatre Restaurant. Continued running own Production Company and Adult schools.
1980-82 Continued the same at Channel 9 and Theatre Restaurant. Also began writing and performing      in Shopping centre productions. Opened adult show business schools. “The Variety School”              Continued with Production Company writing/ Producing/ Directing corporate productions. Made           first self funded doco on the “Ice Arena’
1976-79 Begun writing and editing scripts for ‘Heres Humphrey’ and continued as performer in all aspects of television.
Began Production Company Mighty Good Productions.
1975.      Became Producer/writer of ‘The Channel Niners’ a 5 day a week ‘live ‘magazine programme and produced a Saturday morning recorded programme show (for 2 ½ years). Began as the Chairman at the Bull ‘n Bush Theatre Restaurant (a 12 year association)
1973/4   Continued AT Ch 9 working in almost every aspect of production, including singing and comedy segments on the ‘Tonight Shows’ and introducing ‘Craft’ segments to ‘The Curiosity Show”.
1972       Began association with Channel 9 Adelaide as ‘Heres Humphrey’ Actor and Location Film Director.
1971.      Still with Olde Kings Company also as the Set Painter and Designer and Actor.
Painted 5 shows and appeared in 4. Toured with Bunyip Children’s theatre.
1970.      Toured with show “I Love You Humphrey B Bear’ (Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne) Continued performing in ‘Suit Characters’ For Ch 10 Adelaide.
1969.      Began with Ch 10 in Adelaide as an Actor/Presenter in a Saturday Morning Live Kids programme.
1968.      Left day job and band and became full time actor with ‘Olde Kings Music Hall Theatre Restaurant and Bunyip Children’s Theatre Company. Male Model for Myer and various other companies. Began Spruiking.
1966.      Began with ‘Beau Gests’ a 60/40-Cabaret band. Continued as salesman and became ‘Department Manager’ of a small department.
1964.      Began employment as singer at ‘Wonderland’ Ballroom and as a menswear salesman at Myer emporium Adelaide.
1960.      Wrote and Directed first production For Christian endeavour Society.
1955.      Won many Christian Endeavour Eisteddfods singing with cousin Trevor Harslett.
1951.      First stage appearance at age of 3 continuous performances from then on.