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Kelly Pearson

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Visual Showreel





2010 MAC Drink Walkers Campagin: Hair and Make-up


2009 Finders Keepers   Hair & Make-up


2007/08 Lane Bryant  Key Hair & Makeup


2008 Vanity Fair “ Folk Music Portfolio” by Annie Leibovitz

         Hair & Makeup James Taylor & Family/ Arlo Guthree & Family


2008 ZooZoom “True Religion”  Hair & Makeup


2008 AOL Hair & Make-up


2008/07 Neiman Marcus Ass Hair & Makeup


2007/08  Time Magazine  Annie Leibovitz  Makeup


2007 SAKS  Ass Hair & Makeup


2007 German Vogue  Ass Hair


2007 Cosmopolitan  Ass Hair


2007 Only Hearts  Hair & Makeup


2007 Blackstone Group, LXR  Hair & Makeup





2010 Rendition Homes  Hair & Makeup


2009 Movie Network “The Boys Are Back” Hair & Makeup Renee Brack and           

         Alicia Malone

2009 “Sunsavers” Hair & Makeup Don Burke


2009 Life Care Hair & Make-up Brenton Whittle


2009 SIA for David Letterman


2008 Duo Derm  Tracy Austin  Hair & Makeup


2007 SIA  “Pictures” 2nd Hair & Make-up


2007 Schaffer the dark lord “Rappist” Key Hair & Make-up


2006 Kelis “Trick Me” Ass Make-up


2004/06 Linda Hamilton Hair & Makeup for The View, Fox,CNN, US Weekly


2004 Discovery Home “Simply Smashing” Hair & Makeup for Merial Bradly


2004 Bravo ‘Biggest Little People” Hair & Makeup for Stephen Baldwin,  Morgan Spurlock



2010 The Geiger Sisters  Hair

2006 Devil You Know starring Lena Olin, Rosamund Pike,

         Molly Price & Dean Winters  Key Hair




2009 Wendi Murdoch Australia Day Gala NYC Hair & Make-up


2007/09 Annie Leibovitz  Personal Make-up Artist