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Vicky Stimson




Costume Department:    
Feature Film Bad Blood (2016)

Design Assistant
Costume Buyer


TV Series Wolf Creek (2015)

Costume Coordinator
On set Costume


Short Film My Best Friends is Stuck on the Ceiling. (2015)

Costumer Supervisor
Standby Costume


Feature Film

The Pack (2014)

Standby Wardrobe/ Buyer

Feature Film

Turkey Shoot (2014)

Supervisor/ Standby Wardrobe/ Buyer

Feature Film

Coffin Rock (2008)

Costume Buyer/ Wardrobe Assistant

Short Film

Paper Planes (2010)

Standby Wardrobe/ Costume buyer/ Wardrobe Assistant

Web Series

Wastelander Panda Exile (2014)

Costume Supervisor


Microbes to Macrobes  "The Frank Fenner Story"  (2011)

Standby Wardrobe/ Wardrobe Assistant

Television Series

Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (2013) TV

Wardrobe Assistant (last block)

Short Film

A World Away (2009)


Wardrobe Assistant/ Standby

Short Film

The Bully (2008)


Wardrobe Assistant/ Standby

Short Film

Luck of the Irish (2008)


Wardrobe Assistant/ Standby


Adelaide Film Festival  (2013) TVC

Art Department/ Wardrobe


Tel-fast (2009) TVC

Wardrobe Standby








Art Department




Television My Kitchen Rules (2014) Set Dresser
Props Buyer

Feature Film

Inner Demon (2012)

Standby Props/ Set dresser/Buyer

Feature Film

Birthday (2008)

Art Department Assistant/ Art Department Runner/ Runner

Feature Film

Six Characters (2008)

Art Department assistant and set dresser

Short Film

To The Max (2011)

Art Director/ standby/ Dresser

Short Film

Close Your Eyes (2010)

Scenic Artist

Short Film

Red (2009)

Design Assistant, Standby Wardrobe, Standby Props


My Kitchen Rules (2014)

Set Dresser/ Buyer


Before the Game (2012) TV

Production runner/ Art Depart


Caravan and Camping Industries Assoc (2008) TVC

Art Department/ Standby Props/ Set dresser


South Australian Tourism (2009) TVC

Art Department Assistant / Runner




Production/Prod Office




Feature Film

The Rover (2012/13)

Locations Attachment/ Locations Assistant

Short Film

A Small Town Problem (2013)

Unit Assistant


Before the Game (2012) TV

Production runner/ Art Depart


Four Weddings (2011) TV

Production Runner/ Cast Runner




Theatre and Events






Various events (2012 to present)

Set and Dress

Staging Connections

Various events  (2013 to 2014)

Lighting/ dressing

Lush Lighting

Various shows and Festivals (2008 – 2012)

Casual Mechanist

Adelaide Festival Centre

Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival (2011)

Mechanist/ Production Runner

Big-pond Adelaide Film Festival

Come-out Festival (2011 + 2013)


Carclew Youth Arts

WomAdelaide (2009)

Kid Zone Co-coordinator

Arts Projects Australia / Womad Foundation

Adelaide Festival of the Arts (2008)


Arts Projects Australia

ASSETJ (2008)


Arts Projects Australia

Various Shows  (2006 – 2012)

Stage Crew

Patch Theatre Company

The Green Sheep (2008)

Stage Crew

Windmill Performing Arts

Various Shows (1996 – Present)

Stage Manager/ Various Positions

Upstage Theatre Company




Adelaide Centre for the Arts, South Australia,

Diploma of Live Production, Theatre and Events

Construction and Manufacturing, Major in Props, 2007