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Anthony Bowes ACO

Equipment List

  • Steadicam - Actionproducts/Flowcine
  • TV/Cine Full feature (Big Rig) Steadicam Equipment
  • Up to 30kg Camera Payload

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Anthony Bowes ACO, a Full Member of the ACO (Association of Camera Operators) 

Exceptionally creative and thoroughly experienced Steadicam Operator and Camera Operator, owner of a fully customised, heavy duty camera stabilising kit and skilled using all the key ranges of broadcast and cinema cameras.  For over 20 years have been working across high-profile feature films, television programmes, short films, TVCs, music videos and branded content projects in the UK, Ireland, Europe, America and Australia.  Confident working with a wide range of equipment, both in studio and on location shoots, and establishing and delivering challenging and experimental aesthetic styles, strengthened by additional experience as a Cinematographer.



Ø Work freelance across feature films, broadcast television series, short films, music videos and branded content

Ø Liaise closely with directors and DOPs in order to establish the creative vision and deliver the required look

Ø Compose shots and ensure they are clear, in focus and filmed at the right angle with the right equipment

Ø Oversee the technical set up of the camera and the Steadicam system

Ø Connected to the body harness, track shots and manipulate camera equipment to create clear and stable visuals

Ø Exercise an excellent knowledge of body mount systems, remote focus systems, video senders and receivers and lenses


Feature Films:

Ø “Fairytale of New York” – Fairytale of New York Productions – Director: John Eyres (2018-Feb 2019)

Ø “Inspektor Jury: Der Tod des Harlekins” – Crazy Films / I J Four Productions DAC – Director: Marcus Ulbricht (2017)

Ø “The Limit of” – Ignition Film Productions – Director: Alan Mulligan (2015-16)

Ø “The Silver Branch” – Sea Fever Productions – Director: Katrina Costello – (2014)

Ø “Standing Ovation” – Kenilworth Films – Director: Stewart Raffill (2008-09)

Ø “Ghostwood” – Maxim Pictures – Director: Justin O’Brien (2005)


Broadcast Television:

Ø “FAI Awards” – RTE Productions / TVM (2019)

Ø “The Late Late Show” – RTE Productions for RTE (2013-Present)

Ø “SANFL Football” – ABC Productions for ABC Sports (2005)


Short Films:

Ø “Black Peak” – Independent – Director: Danielle Bayliss (2017)

Ø “Alley of Echoes” – Archer’s Mark Productions – Director: Oliver Würffell (2017)

Ø “Home - Waiting” – Raw Nerve Productions – Director: Willie Doherty (2015)

Ø “Ernestine & Kit” – Stigma Films Ltd. / Black Sheep Productions – Director: Simon Bird (2015)

Ø “Bodies” – BWD Films – Director: B Welby-Delimere (2015)

Ø “Angela’s Decision” – Mat King Productions – Director: Mat King (2006)


Music Videos:

Ø “Gavin James: Glow” 2018 Bold Puppy / Capital Records / Sony Music Entertainment – Directors. Luke Daly / Nathan Fagan (2018)

Ø “Kodaline: Shed a Tear” – MDV / Sony Entertainment UK – Director. James Fitzgerald (2018)

Ø “Fay Vance: Bushmills Live Sessions” – Babysweet Productions / Bushmills Distillery – Director. Gregg Houston (2018)

Ø “Freya Ridings: Maps” – Cardel Entertainment / Universal Music UK – Director. James Fitzgerald (2017)

Ø “Brice Conrad: Songe” – Stormlight / Universal Music France – Director: Wahib Chehata (2013)


Branded Content:

Ø “Real Guides: Dodie” / "Real Guides: Kodaline" – Sony Entertainment UK for Tourism Ireland – Director: Gregg Houston – (2017)



Ø Working across high-profile broadcast television programmes, develop the shot composition and advise on how best to shoot sequences

Ø Rehearse and block scenes, establishing the most effective camera moves required and devising camera scripts

Ø Creatively frame and execute shots, utilising a wide range of both complex and experimental camera moves

Ø Assemble and setup equipment, which alongside cameras included tripods, monitors, lighting, grip and audio






Ø “Heatwave” – Powertrip Productions (2008)

Ø “Election” – for TG4 Ireland (2007)

Ø “The Fairies” – Hypervision for Nickelodeon (2005)

Ø “Dave Hughes Live” / Lano and Woodley Live” – Next Vision for Network Ten Australia (2006)

Ø “The Funkies” – Imagination / Kojo Group (2006)

Ø “Friday Night Live Football” – AFL Films for Network Ten (2005)

Ø “Big Brother Australia” – Southern Star (Endemol) for Network Ten (2003)

Ø “Sounds of the Planet: Womad” – SBS Television (2001)

Ø “Quentin, World at My Wheels” – Q Productions for Network Ten (2000)

Ø “NBL Slam” – Active Television for Network Ten (1999)

Ø “Comedy Hour” – Paramount Television for Foxtel (1994)



Ø Managed cinematography across television programmes,feature films, TVCs, branded content projects, music videos and live events

Ø Worked alongside directors to develop the aesthetic style of productions and create shot lists and storyboards in line with this

Ø Recruited, supervised and directed camera and lighting crews and selected the best cameras, lenses, filters and lighting equipment

Ø Decided on and implemented the camera movements, image contrasts, aspect ratios and frame rates to be used

Ø In partnership with editors, oversaw colour grading and digital effects during the post-production process


Broadcast Television:

Ø “On Witches Hill: Pilot” – RCA Media Productions / Powerscourt Pictures (2012)

Ø “Landscape HD” – Landscape HD Network (2009-2010)

Ø “The Movie Show” – SBS Television (2005)

Ø “Fusion TV” – Smile Productions for Channel 31 (2004)

Ø “Aussie Pinups: Pilot” – The Look Photography Studios for Merlin (2004)

Ø “Catch of the Day: Pilot” – LiquidLife Productions / Merlin / Kojo Productions (2003)

Ø “FAB” – Hypervision for Seven Network & Fox Television (2000-2003)

Ø “A Current Affair” – Nine Network Australia (2001-2004)

Ø “Dyslexia” – XYZ Productions for Lifestyle Channel (2000)


Feature Films:

Ø “The Callback Queen” – Powertrip Productions / Film Venture London – Director Graham Cantwell (2011-12)

Ø “Dick Dickman PI” – 1 Step Back Productions – Director: Barry O’Neill (2006)


Short Film:

Ø “On Witches Hill” – RCA Media Productions – Director: Stephen Gibson (2012)

Ø “Limbo” – Darklight Film Festival – Director: Carmel Winters (2008)

Ø “One Careful Owner” – Powertrip Productions – Director: Graham Cantwell (2007)

Ø “Creamy Love” – Independent – Director: Dick Dale (2001)

Ø “Screwed” – Eclipse Films – Director: Philip Elms (2000)

Ø “The Audition” – Q Productions – Director: Quentin Kenihan (2000)


Additional Projects:

Ø TVCs across the UK, Ireland and Australia for clients including Heineken, McCain’s, Westfield, U Magazine, General Motors Holden & Mitsubishi

Ø Branded content projects, working with productions companies such as Glen Pictures, Hypervision and MGM Productions for brands including

   Ericsson, Cadbury, Hertz and the South Australian Tourism Commission

Ø Music videos for Vicky Cornick (“Clumsy”) and Fighterpilot (“Fallen Sands”)

Ø Live events for clients including Big Day Out National Music Festival, The Look Photography Studios and South Australian Arts Trust



Ø Spent three and half years at this leading television, TVC and corporate production company, working across projects for clients including EDS Australia, Royal Australian Air Force and Australian National Railways

Ø Responsible for all camera and lighting aspects throughout the production process, from development through to the edit

Ø Assessed shooting requirements and sourced and setup equipment ahead of filming, before operating cameras on shoots