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Dane Hirsinger

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Since Graduating from Filnders University in 2009, Dane has been working part-time as a freelance sound recordist and boom swinger on a number of short films, promotional documentaries and educational resources. His long involvement in music production and post-production film sound makes him a valuable on-set asset due to his deep understanding of the process of crafting film sound


Dane Hirsinger

Sound Recordist & Boom Swinger


2010     Sound Designer

The Unfortunate Incident with the Table

Short Film

Writer/Director: Luke Marsden

Producer: Mike Williamson

2009     Location Sound Recordist

Riding Derrick

Short Film

Writer/Director: Sam King

Producer: Sarah Macdonald

2009     Location Sound Recordist


TV Pilot

Writer/Director: Chris Kellett

Producer: Matthew Salleh/Jim Hogendover

2009     Sound Designer/Composer

Things Have Changed

Short Film

Writer/Director: Luke Marsden

Producer: Seth Williams

2009     Location Sound Recordist

The Last El Masri

Short Film

Director: Matt Hawkins

Producer: Tom Young

2009     Sound Mix

Politics, Power, Justice and the Media: The Max Stuart Trial – Educational Documentary

Producer: Helen Leake


2008     Location Sound Recordist

Savings and Loans Young Carer's documentary – Short Documentary

Writer/Director: Megan Huiteman

Producer: Megan Huiteman

2008     Location Sound Recordist

Flinders University 'Aspergers' Doco – Documentary

Director: Alison Wotherspoon

Producer: Alison Wotherspoon

2007     Boom Swinger

The Marriage of Figaro – Feature-length comedy

Writer/Director: Chris Moon

Producer: Peta Astbury

2007     Location/Post-Production Sound

Waiting – Short Film

Writer/Director: Kelly Haines

Producer: Tom Young

2007     Location/Post-Production Sound/Composer

DYKE! - Short Film

Writer/Director: Kelly Carpenter

Producer: Tom Young




Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen Studies) - Graduate

2008     Location Sound Recordist

The Birds and the Bees – Short film

Director: Mike Williamson

Writer: Alex Williamson

Producer: Dylan Eime

2008     Post-Production Sound

Madagan: Private P.I. - Short Film

Director: Chris Kellett

Writer: Vivyan Madigan

Producer: Dylan Eime

2008     Writer/Director

The Strangling II: Revenge of the Multiclops – Short film

Producer: Dylan Eime

2008     Location Sound/Composer

Afterbirth – Short film

Writer/Director: Luke Marsden

Co-Producers: Mike Williamson/Dylan Eime

2008     Boom Swinger/Post-Production Sound

The Human Prism – Short Film

Writer/Director: Ariel Crellin

Producer: Megan Huiteman

2008     Location Sound/Post-Production Sound

Momentum – Short film

Writer/Director: Seth Williams

Producer: Sarah Bond

2007   Location/Post-Production Sound/Composer

Seesaw – Short Film

Director: David Harry

Writer: Samantha Konicek

Producer: Adam Connell

2007   Location Sound Recordist

The 39 Step Program – Short Film

Director: Aimee Knight

Writer: Phillip Kavanagh

Producer: Krystle Penhall

2007   Boom Swinger/Post-Production Sound

The Field – Short Film

Director: Dylan Eime

Producer: Djako Lever-Carey

2007   Post-Production Sound

Shortcut to Emptiness – Short Film

Writer/Director: Patrick Lang

Producer: Tom Young

2007   Location Sound Recordist

Road to Burdon – Short Film

Writer/Director: David Scarborough

Producer: Tom Young

2007   Writer

Overtime – Short Film

Director: Jason Campbell

Producer: Kelly Carpenter

2007   Director/Composer

Charlie the Cat – Short Documentary

Producer: Han Dinh

2006   Post-Production Sound

Annelise and the Penguins – Documentary

Director: Stephen Moore