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Francis Byrne


 I have been working in many aspects of the sound world for almost 10 years, i ahve a background in Live sound, studio production which has led me to film sound (location, post production and composing). i am confident and happy to work with any group in achieving their sound goals.


Francis Byrne CV



Location Sound

From TV series to TVC to Feature, I can supply all that is needed for a production to achieve the sound it is after


Sound Devices 664 Field Recorder

Deneke Timecode Slate

3 X Sanken Lav Mics

3 X Lectrosonic SM Transmitters

Sanken CS-3E Shotgun Mic

Sanken Cub-05 Boundary Mic

K-Tek Boom Poles

5 Lectrosonic IFB Comms

Plus much more