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Sean Dennis




2019                     Rosehaven series 3                   production designer

                                Guesswork Television – Director – Jonathon Brough


2018                     MFMM – CRYPT OF TEARS (FEATURE FILM)          SET DEC              

                                EVERYCLOUD PROD.   DESIGNER -  ROBBIE PERKINS


2018                     ROSEHAVEN SERIES 3                   PRODUCTION DESIGNER

                                Guesswork Television - Director - Jonathon Brough


2017                     Promised – Feature Film                        Production Designer

                                Promised Films- Director – Nick Conidi


2017                     Utopia Season 3                                                            Set Decorator

                                working Dog - Designer James Clark


2016                     Newtons Law                                                  Set Decorator

                                Every Cloud Prod.- Designer Robbie Perkins


2015                     The Divorce                                                     Set Decorator

                                Princess Pictures – Designer Robbie Perkins


2014                     Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries       Set Decorator

                                Seasons 1,2 & 3

                                Every Cloud Prod. – Designer Robbie Perkins


2013                     the Menkoff Method                                 set decorator

                                white hot Prod. – Designer Lance Whithouse





TV Commercials



2019                     ANZ CREDUCATION SERIES                             ART DIRECTOR

                                TBWA – DIRECTOR -  BRIAN PATTO


2018                     ANZ AUST OPEN TENNIS                                   PROPS BUYER

                                PLAZA FILMS – ART DIRECTOR – SAL BOUCHER


2018                     NAB – SOcceroos                                            Art Director

                                Pool Collective–Director– Simon Harsent


2018                     MElbourne Fire Services TVC  Art Director    

                                Guilty – Director – Dominic Allen


2017                     Dan Murphys                                   Art Director

                                guilty – Director – Christopher Tovo


2017                     SportsBet  Multibet                     Props Buyer

                                Plaza Films – Art director  Seth Aitken


2016                     Federal Gov. Ideas Boom           Props buyer

                                playbig Films – art director Aphrodite kondos


2015                     tac re imagine the road                             art director

                                revolver films


2015                     ubet                                                                      art director

                                traffic films


2015                     specsavers                                                      art director

                                airbag productions