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Leigh Kenyon


 Leigh Kenyon is a Location Sound Recorder. Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia;  he has been working in the film community for the past several years, working on a stream of Dramas, Television Commercials, and Documentaries. In 2009 he finished studying an arts degree at Flinders University majoring in Film Production, and has recently completed a work placement at KOJO, where he worked and learnt from the team there.

I am driven by a passion of sound, technology and attention to detail; and have taken these ideals to build a reputation of quality in my work.




2012 Credits




Wastelander Panda

Epic Films Produced

Victoria Cocks Director

3 Part Webseries

SA Health Awards

Mixed mediums Produced

Awards Ceremony Video Series set of 27


Transitions Lenses Promo

Urtext Films Produced

Transitions Lenses New Product Promotional

CFS Promotional Video

Flinders Creations Produced

Corporate Promo

CFS and Flinders University


SES Promotional Video

Flinders Creations Produced

Corporate Promo

SES and Flinders University


Meat Works (Broadcast)

Projector Films Produced


ABC Funded, Broadcast


Clipsal Energy Promo

Logic Films Produced


Logic Films/Clipsal


2012 Tabor College Corporate

Mixed Mediums Produced

Corporate Doc

Mixed Mediums and Tabor College


52 Tuesdays

Closer Productions Produced

Sophie Hyde; Director

Feature Film:
SAFC Film Lab Iniatiative

Fasta Pasta TVC (Broadcast)

Urtext Film Produced

TVC Winter Menu

Fasta Pasta


Mission Australia Documentary

Flinders Creations Produced

Flinders University and Mission Australia


Jacobs Creek Promotional Video

Mixed Mediums Produced

Mixed Mediums and Jacobs Creek

A Tortured Mind

Bettina Hamilton Produced

Short Drama
MRC Tropfest Initiative

Kid Power

Mike Green Produced

Short Drama

Tropfest film

2011 Credits (Last Quarter)



Yalumba Food And Wine

Mixed Mediums Produced

Live Event


Aaron Nash Produced

David Tang Directed

Short Drama

Got Genre Initiative

Adelaide Desalination Plant

Urtext and Jam Shop Produced

Documentary Series

SA Water

Cook This (13 Episode Web Series)

Mixed Mediums Produced

Adelaide Central Markets




Bachelor Of Arts

Majoring in Screen production 2009

Flinders University