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Robertto Karas

Equipment List

  • Isuzu FSR 500 truck
  • 2 x Generators 110kva and 30kva
  • 3 phase cables etc
  • A range of HMI's from 200w to 12k Fresnel
  • Tungsten: Dedo’s through to 20k Fresnel
  • Kino’s and LEDs
  • A large range of frames and textiles.
  • Grip gear: Panther dolly, tracks, Jib Arm large and small.
  • Apple boxes, pancakes etc.
  • Camera Support: Satchler head and full set of legs. Easyrig.
  • For a full detailed list of equipment please contact Robertto or SA Freelancers.

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I started in 1993 and have twenty years of experience working in the lighting department for the film and television industry. The first eight years I worked for a number of different Gaffers in South Australia and Victoria. From this I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experienced diverse perspectives in the area of lighting.


In 2001 I became Head of Department on The Tracker, my first feature. Since then I have continued working in drama primarily for film and television as well as TVC’s. I look forward to the challenges of each project. Especially establishing a working relationship with the Director of Photography and achieving to the fullest extent the vision that they have for the project.











2012 Babadook

DOP: Radek Ladczuk


2012 True Gods

DOP/DIR: Warick Thornton


2011 The King is Dead

DOP: Ian Jones ACS


2011 A Second Chance

DOP: Hugh Freytag


2010 Shut Up Little Man

DOP: Bryan Mason


2010 Here I Am

DOP Warick Thornton


2008 Lucky Country

DOP: Jules O’Loughlin ACS


2008 Birthday

DOP: Denson Baker ACS


2006 Family Demons

DOP: Hugh Freytag


2003 Human Touch

DOP: Ian Jones ACS


2002 Alexandra’s Project

DOP: Ian Jones ACS


2001 The Tracker

DOP: Ian Jones ACS








2011 Two Sides

DOP: Ian Jones ACS


2010 The Moment

DOP: Nick Matthews ACS


2008 The Bully

DOP: Tony Clark ACS


2008 Jacob

DOP: Murray Lui


2004 Plains Empty

DOP: Warick Thornton


2004 Green Bush

DOP: Murray Lui


1999 The Details of Daily Living

DOP: Hugh Freytag


1998 Cut Grass and Caravans

DOP: Ashley Hayes


1998 Hot Dog

DOP: Anthony Jennings


1997 Grunt

DOP: Scott Venner


1996 Nobody I Know

DOP: Hugh Freytag


1996 Last Weekend of the Month

DOP: Roger Dowling ACS


1996 Visacar

DOP: Rod Bolton








2012 Jaing Ai

Chinese soap opera

Adelaide Shoot

2008 McLeods Daughters

DOP: Henry Pierce ACS

Eps 219-224

2002-2007 McLeods Daughters

DOP: Paul Dallwitz

2nd Unit


2007 The Movie Maker

DOP: Andy Stankovich


2004 Through My Eyes (Uluru only)

DOP: Phil Cross


2003 Queen of Hearts

DOP: Warick Thornton


2002 13th House

DOP: Rob Brown


1999 Red Monkey (pilot)

DOP: Andy Stankovich