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Martine Quigley

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I've Studied: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Modern, Ballroom, Lyrical, Musical Theatre & Marketing

I Am A: Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher, Adjudicator, Critic, Entertainment & Hospitality Consultant
My Bio: MARTINE QUIGLEY (LA PRI) is a well versed entertainer who has performed, choreographed and produced worldwide and is currently based in New York. Stage acclaims include multiple international artists and celebrities such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Fatman Scoop, Wycleff Jean, Nancy Sinatra, Claudia Schiffer, The Sopranos, Donald Trump. Martine's Film and Music Video credits comprise of Boom - Mario featuring Juvenile, American Gangster -Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, The Tourist - Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - Adam Sandler, Disney's Enchanted- Susan Sarandon, Patrick Dempsey. Television performances have delivered some triumphs; the Grammy Awards and The Late Show With David Letterman. Martine has also appeared on Law & Order, Ugly Betty, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV. Some special events Martine has performed in are The Olympics, Carnival Choreographer's Ball, half time shows at the NBL and NFL. Choreography and producing successes include Fashion Week, NY Red Bulls - Giants Stadium, the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Martine's accreditations consist of CSTD to examiner's level, BMAAD, Checcetti. She is an international adjudicator, master class instructor, personal trainer, dance teacher, writer and critic, university lecturer and dances seasonally with Mix Dance Company. Martine also owns and operates STYLE STATION, a successful entertainment, events and marketing company. You can read her weekly article published to www.danceruniverse.com at www.blog.danceruniverse.com/blog/user/StyleStation



Wycleff Jean                                                            GRAMMY AWARDS                                   Dancer                     NY
Mario ft Juvenile                                                      Boom (music video)                                 Dancer/Actor           NY
Cyndi Lauper, Nancy Sinatra                                   Tsunami Relief Benefit                            Dancer                    NY
The Sopranos                                                          ‘The Wiseguys’ Launch                            Dancer                     NY
Shaggy                                                                     Australian Tour club shows                      Dancer                    Aust
Fatman Scoop                                                         Fox Studios                                              Dancer                     Aust
DJ Starski                                                                                Tribute Show                                            Dancer                     NY
Sugar Hill Gang, Thelma Houston, Martha Wash, Donatella Versace, Trammps
Donald Trump, Gary Coleman, Kool & The Gang     KTU Disco Ball                                        Dancer                     AC
Nancy Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen                           International Garage Festival                  Dancer                     NY
David Copperfield, Claudia Schiffer                         Heaven Entertainment Complex                              Dancer/Chore          Aust
Peter Andre                                                             Madonna Tour club shows                       Dancer                     Aust
Amber                                                                      Stars on 54 Tour                                      Dancer/Chore          Aust
C&C Music Factory                                                   Australian Tour                                        Dancer/Chore          Aust
DJ’s Carl Cox, Tall Paul                                            Ministry Of Sound Tour                            Dancer/Chore          Aust
Top 30 dancers – Madonna Re-invention world tour, Final call back Janet Jackson – 20 y.o.
Late Show with David Letterman                              CBS                                                          Dancer                     NY
Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Intent                           NBC Universal                                         Actor                        NY
Six Degrees                                                             ABC                                                          Actor                        NY
Comedy Central                                                       Comedy Central                                       Dancer                     NY
Ugly Betty                                                                                TTV NYC Inc. Salma Hayek dir                 Actor                        NY
Campbell’s Chunky Soup                                         TVC – Philadelphia Eagles                       Actor                        NY
ESPN                                                                        Street Ball                                                                               Dancer                     NY
Pepsi Music Chart                                                    National Launch                                      Dancer/Chore          Aust
MTV Battle Of The Bands                                         MTV, MTV2                                               Dancer                     NY
Film & Music Video:
Accidental Husband                                                 Uma Thurman                                          Actor                        NY
The Tourist                                                               Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor                              Stand In / Actor       NY
American Gangster                                                  Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe         Stand In/ Actor        NY
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry                       Adam Sandler                                          Actor                        NY
The Brave Ones                                                       Jodie Foster                                             Actor                        NY
Enchanted                                                               Susan Sarandon, Patrick Dempsey         Actor / Dancer         NY
Mario ft Juvenile                                                      ‘Boom’                                                     Dancer/ Actor          NY
Chris Columbus (dir Harry Potter)                            3D Movie                                                                 Dancer                     NY
Sirius Cinema Commercial                                      Wade Robson dir                                     Dancer                     NY
MTV Europe – Lopazz                                              Output Recordings                                   Dancer                     NY
Special Events:
NY Red Bulls                                                           Giants Stadium                                        Chore                       NY, NJ
U.S.A Winter Olympic Team Announcement            Mountain Creek                                       Dancer                     NY
Carnival “Choreographer’s Ball”                                              Another Smoove Production                    Dancer                     NY
BravO!                                                                     Nationwide dance competitions                              Adjudicator              USA
Olympics                                                                  Opening Ceremony                                  Dancer                     Aust
Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix                                             Opening Ceremony                                  Prod/Chore              Aust
NBL                                                                          6’ers                                                        Dancer/Chore          Aust
NFL                                                                          ½ time Entertainment                             Dancer/Chore          Aust
Fashion Industry Awards                                         Awards Show                                           Prod/Chore              Aust FIFA Soccer Federation                                   ½ time Entertainment                             Prod                         Aust
Z100                                                                        Summer Extravaganza                             Dancer                     NY
Michael Jackson HISTORY launch                           Sony                                                        Dancer/Chore          Aust
Madonna Bedtime Stories launch                           Warner Music                                          Dancer/Chore          Aust
General Motors                                                       National Launch                                      Dancer                     Aust
Jeep                                                                         National Launch                                      Prod / Dancer          Aust
Musical Theatre:
Warner Bros                                                            Bugs Ice Show, Tweety, Pepe, Taz           Host/Dancer            Aust
Disney                                                                     Cinderella, Pocahontas                           Host/Dancer            Aust
International Dance Spectacular                             Cabaret Marina Mandarin                       Dancer/Chore          Sing’pr
Beacher’s Comedy Madhouse                                 Supper Club                                             Dancer                     NY
Dance Companies:
MIX’T                                                                       Jen James dir                                          Dancer                     NY
La Santa Luz                                                            Anthony Rodriguez dir                             Dancer           China, Japan
Voice Over & Script Writing :                                Radio, Television, Podcasts                V/O & script         USA, Aust